Beautiful home designs. A gift to be able to design an addition and make it flawless like it has always been there! She will exceed your expectations!
~Meredith J Branstetter Wertz

Alyssa Wavra,

the founder of Wavra Design Co.

has more than 14 years experience designing single family homes, neighborhood design, remodeling existing homes, multi-family homes, conditional use plans, accessory dwelling units, and additions. Born into a multi-generational farm in Oregon, Alyssa’s designs encapsulate a unique emphasis on family and every day living.

In addition to residential architecture, Alyssa and her husband reside in the beautiful Willamette Valley where they raise their four children. Based in Silverton, Oregon, Alyssa’s clients are widespread from The Willamette Valley, Central Oregon, Eastern Oregon, Southern Washington, Southern Oregon, The Oregon Coast and all the wonderful places in between.